Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy Storify

#occupythenews -

Xavier Damman (@xdamman), Storify Technology is not enough. People who can make sense of all these voices.

In the house: Deborah Petersen (@DeboraPetersen), SJ Mercury News/BA News Group How we use socme to deliver to our readers. Love Storify; also use FB but don't find it "as timely"; love tumblr. Trying to use G+, much better for biz reporters than general audience b/c of population of users on it.

Tasneem Raja (@tasneemraja), Mother Jones How mojo uses storify to cover #ows. "Game-changer" for us. Storify is like real-time notebook for reporters; what would have stayed in their pages is now available to anybody. Problem w/OWS: leaderless, planned/executed on the fly, independently, tons of cities in real-time, no pr flacks (ok not a problem), tons of journos on ground...storify helps you do journalism "asynchronously". Surprised how much I've been talking on the phone to our reporters.

Angela Woodall (@angelawoodall), Oakland Tribune Storify allows us to use their words (meaning subjects of reporting who previously saw bias in reporting). Standards are same for us in Storify as in print.

Ellen Cushing (@elcush), EBExpress

Susan Mernit (@susanmernit), Oakland Local Pros who publish 3-5 stories/day plus huge outpouring of community writers. Printed occupy page

Carly Schwartz (@carlicita), HuffPo SF

Ian Hill (@ianhillmedia), KQED Why are you involved in socmed X? You just are, and can struggle to justify that to managers who don't get it. 18 newscasts a day! News orgs in this area? WORK WITH THESE STARTUPS! Nobody in the country has better access to cooler tech companies to partner with!

How do you verify? You just do, if something in the pit of your stomach feels wrong, don't do it. You have to do some; twitter is great but call the guy at the Port and ask him to confirm. There's no substitute for experience.

"Hello, I'm Andrew Fitzgerald, from Twitter; quick question..."