Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This post is going to appear in my Buzz extremely fast

Does PubSubHubbub and social aggregation (Buzz, Friendfeed, etc) mean that blogging could become as real-time as IM? Did I just use like 90 buzzwords in one sentence?

The future is now.


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jacktech said...

Blogging needs to convey comments on recent issues as soon as possible, isn’t it?

charli said...

You are independent to post anything that comes to your mind. Get the comments and try to justify.

smith said...

It clicks in my mind as soon as I read you. Do as you like.

Aron said...

Why asking? It’s extremely on you.

sandy said...

Make your future through blogging. Buzz words? It’s your choice.

aliza said...

You are creative. Use as much buzz words as you can and show your creativity.

Martin said...

Impressive! Run with the flow.

Adams said...

I am lucky reading you. Nice idea.

brant said...

90 buzz words in one sentence! Try

Paul said...

I am fond of blogging. It should as fast as IM.

vjneel said...

This is really a very good post. Now, I have a complete concept on Buzz