Saturday, June 20, 2009

This has to already exist, right?

Is there a good way to see what movies are playing near me?

Now, obviously, there are like a zillion different services that do this. But here's what I want:
  • Work only from a list of my favorite theaters. Because in practice, I only care about what's playing at the X theaters that it's remotely convenient for me to get to (and geographic distance is NOT THE SAME THING AS THIS, since I don't own a car)
  • Email me every week with new releases - tell me synopsis, a few reviews, RottenTomatoes score, showtimes at theaters on my list, trailers, IMDB info.
  • Ask me: "What do you want to see tonight?" Let me respond with a genre (Comedy, horror); a level of quality (RT score would suffice); some set of attributes (foreign film, oscar winner, re-release, "classic", color/black-and-white, etc); or a time (What's playing at 9pm tonight?); in addition to film title and theater.
  • When I go to the front page, just show me what's playing today at my favorite theaters, along with one-sentence synopsis and showtimes for each.
I'm just whining because it's always kind of a pain to figure out what looks good on a given night, and this seems like a problem the Internet was fucking designed to solve.

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