Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two amazing gadgets

I want both of these things. Now. I want to not be typing this post, but rather playing with these beautiful looking toys (I mean, functional tools for today's information economy!)

First up, the Palm Pre. Looks gorgeous, and Javascript apps are exciting. A number of cool UI innovations (like keeping apps open in cards, and allowing seamless switching between them) make it seem pretty neat. All in all, when my AT&T contract is up, as it should be soon, I'll be seriously considering getting one (my iPhone is kinda busted up at this point, so it's time :) I'm probably gonna go with an Android phone - gotta support the home team, and I'm genuinely excited about the app possibilities - but the Pre is gonna get a serious look.

But what's really got me excited is the CrunchPad. And in particular, it's the bottom image on that page (and also the "couch computing" picture). That is what reading on the Internet should be like. That looks so much nicer as an experience than the best laptop I've seen. I worry that the battery life is going to be terrible, since it'll be driving that huge, beautiful display, but since I'd imagine a lot of its use will be in the home, that might not be such a big deal.

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Matt Casey said...

Yeah, I really like the crunchpad idea. It'd be great for the shuttle, in addition to around the house.