Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trust me, you won't have to become a vegan

Irina and I saw Food, Inc. over the weekend, and I really, really recommend it. The wall between what we eat, and what we know about what we eat, has never in human history been so high or so rarely-penetrated, and that's a real problem. I was a little nervous going into it, because I like what I eat and didn't want to learn that it was all awful and disgusting and I was going to have to become a vegan.

That didn't happen - and even if it did, being an adult means knowing things that are important to know, even if one doesn't want to. I walked out with the sense that it's important to eat more pure foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, ideally organic but that's not always an option (and it's certainly expensive). Not exactly rocket science, and I knew it already, but sometimes knowing something to be true, and understanding the real truth of it (and the implications of that truth) are different things.

That's even more true when it comes to agriculture policy, which for me was the real importance of this movie. While it'd be great if I ate more fruits and vegetables, that'll only make me healthier, and have a very marginal impact on a handful of the companies and farmers that feed me. What would have a tremendous impact is if we rethought the way we subsidize food, and made it as inexpensive as possible to eat a healthy, balanced diet instead of one loaded with corn byproducts, heavy on cheap, industrial meat and washed down with 6 liters of Coke that cost the same as three heads of broccoli.

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Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more - I hope this movie mainstreams the "foodie" movement.....I think we overly sanitize and depersonalize what we shove in our pie-holes, and we could all use a dose of reality! We don't eat the same things people did even 40 years ago - our chicken is not the same chicken and our apples are not the same nutritionally. We are sooo lucky living in Berk, though - where natural, local fruits and veggies abound and country of origin is sharpied on all produce bins at Berkeley Bowl. I hope this takes the country by storm, seriously....did you know that going vegan ONE day a week is just as environmentally friendly as eating organic free range all the time? Sorry I'm rambling, I'm just like really obsessed with food, like TOTALLY! :)